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ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 20:53

.Paving Stones: Old World


Recalling the narrow, cobbled streets of Europe, Old World Paver™ is crafted with a natural stone cleft finish for the look and feel of time-worn cut stone. Strong and durable, Old World is perfect for high- traffic areas and offers a wide range of both color and pattern potential.





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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 20:43

.Paving Stones: Subterra

Subterra® Stone might very well be the most attractive, natural-looking permeable paver on the market. Featuring a false joint structure, it offers the elegant look of chiseled stone, yet it's easy to install. Subterra is ideal for homeowners who desire environmental stewardship without compromising beauty and style, by installing permeable pavers to reduce water run-off.


Subterra A        Subterra B

Pattern A                                                     Pattern B

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Thursday, 18 December 2014 07:33

Paving Stones: Holland-Belgard

The simple elegance of Holland Stone makes your home simply magnificent.

Sometimes the most elegant ideas are also the most simple. Introducing Holland Stone, Belgard's solution to finding a refined, yet versatile paver.

Because of its classic, rectangular shape, you can create numerous interesting architectural designs that remain as stylish and attractive through the years as the day they were installed. Holland Stone - simple shape, simple elegance.



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