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ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

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Saturday, 09 March 2019 01:29

Concrete Tables

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Most materials that come to mind when thinking of high end tables can include granite, marble or tile. If you would like a UNIQUE look for your Outdoor Living Space, concrete is right for you.

Highly durable concrete tables are resistant to knife cuts, high heat and stains (we seal the product) and the appearance can actually improve with age. These are impervious to water and easily maintained. From as thin as 3/4″ to appearing as large as you want, concrete will remain lighter than other solid surfaces, thanks to advanced techniques.


table desc 1We can design your concrete table to your size and color specifications. By using integral color, staining or both, we have the ability to create a continuous use of color throughout your project. Concrete can be designed to allow for different shapes, long seamless runs and unlike other hard surfaces, concrete is not limited to square or diamond patterns. Heights of your counters can also be customized.

Best of all, concrete tables are considered to be a sustainable product.


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